About Me

melissa-and-travis-wedding-0363My Name is Travis E. Blythe.  As you read my blogs you will learn what I like and what I like to do.  My Passion is motorcycles and you will see I have a few short stories about my adventures around the country that I hope to someday put into a book. Yes I am still working on this dang book idea!

I currently own an event registration company and management company in Fort Worth, Texas called BSWARMS.  We handle all types of event management in both the business and sporting events.

I am a former Police Officer with the Corpus Christi Police Department and Private investigator for Insurance Fraud.

I have been athletic my whole life, wrestling is my passion, I wrestled in High School and college and currently coach a club team. In 2016 I started coaching middle school cross country.  I played Judo in the past and I currently enjoy the world of mudruns and obstacle course racing (OCR).

This is my life, my loves and my passions and my adventures.

One thought on “About Me”

  1. Dude, you fell off the face of the earth….so now your into radio, gave up on insurance companies, right?…wow, what a change. Hope all is going well.

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My Life, My Loves, My Adventures

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