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Things I Think – Thursday Birthday Edition

Birthday Week in Retrospect

So another birthday is upon me and I love birthdays, I don’t shy away from them and in fact, I love to celebrate them. I know most people claim to celebrate for a week or weeks at a time, but this year I literally did celebrate for an entire week.  I made a list of fun things to do in Dallas and Fort Worth and I did them. Along the way there was also a few impulse decisions. So here we go!

Before I do thought I do have a couple of thoughts…I mean it is “Things I Think” after all…so I was reading this magazine the other day and I saw this article and it really hit home with me and made me think a lot about where I am in my life.

circle-dartSo this guy is having his 40th birthday and all he wants to do is run a marathon and try to get a PR. But his family has other plans, his brother and wife arranged for people in his life to run a mile with him. Let that sink in for a minute. So there were 26 people who ran a mile with him, which included his parents, brothers, cousins, friends from life which included college buddies and lastly his wife and kids. I thought this was so awesome, at every mile marker a new person jumped out and just started running with him. Needless to say he was shocked and he didn’t PR.

But that just got me thinking…I don’t think I have 26 people in my life that would come run a mile a me. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure you could scrounge up some people, but I am not sure I have a tribe of 26. I have a lot of acquaintances but not a lot of close friends. I think I need to fix that. I mean if I died tomorrow, who would come to my funeral? Ahhh that is a totally different post!

So on to my week of fun!

Day 9 – Top Golf

Day 8 – Rock Climbing

Day 7 – Karaoke

Day 6 – ROT Rally, rode my motorcycle 250 miles, Rode a Mechanical Bull, 6th Street ATX

Day 5 – ROT Rally, rode my motorcycle 250 miles, had pie!

Day 4 – K1 – Adult go-carts, Zero Gravity

Day 3 – Rest Day

Day 2 – Rained out, couch & movie night

Day 1 – IFLY – indoor skydiving

Birthday – Fed the homeless breakfast, got a haircut, sports massage and dinner with my parents!

Day After Birthday – Ran Spartan Sprint at Dallas Cowboys Stadium

I was going to write a brief synopsis of each event, but then I decided not to. Each had its own adventure and memories attached and video clips were taken, you can see that a little later.

circle-lightbulbFun Fact – I currently have 1,276 friends on Facebook and 209 of them posted on my wall, 7 more just sent a private message which means 216 people wished me a happy birthday which is 16.9% of my friends…

So this fun fact wasn’t meant to be upset about not getting more wishes, actually quite the opposite, this is more than I have ever had. But it poses the question, how do I have over 1000 friends that I don’t know? I mean I replied to everyone who sent a wish and I know most of them or have met 95% of them, and the ones I do not are pretty much OCR people. Things that make you go hmmm…

circle-dartNo official cake for my birthday, but I did get a cupcake mousse type thingy and a homemade chocolate pie!

circle-dartNot a ton of gifts, but that happens when you get older and you are single, but I did buy myself a kick ass new pair of sunglasses and I am going on this life changing trip in 2016!

circle-dartAwesome random things that happened to me on my birthday:

  • My 4yr old niece and my 2 yr old nephew wished me happy birthday by video!
  • A friend who can’t sing (self admittedly thinks she can’t), called me and sang to me!
  • My good friends kids, 10 yr old, 7 yr old & 5 yr old all sang to me on video!
  • I made 250+ sandwiches.
  • My birthday dinner this year was Tacos!

As I gear up for a new trip around the sun, headed for the next age group in racing, several things hit home with me this week. Some of them are great and some make you think about decisions and life choices you have made. It’s been one hell of a year for me, a lot of change, growth and self discovery. I have met  so many new people, made new friends, loved, lost and I feel pretty darned good.


I almost forgot this section this week, I struggled to think of the music to post. I have listened to Lifehouse nonstop this past week and searching for messages within each song and applying them to the current day life I have. But then I happened to put the playlist on random and this came on and it actually says everything I wanted to say about this extraordinary week.

Ron Pope – Sometimes

My name is Travis and I talk to strangers!


Things I think – Thursday AWOL Edition

Floods, Road Trips, and Funny Ass Sh!T

Oops I did it again! I know, I know I went AWOL for three solid weeks again, but I do have an excuse, I have been traveling and just too busy to write. Granted I have been writing down thoughts but I was just making a list in order to write this. So lets catch you up over the last three weeks.

Week One – Spent time traveling to Ohio in a car with one of the funniest people I have met lately. We went through Arkansas, Tennessee and Ohio. Then I raced a Spartan Race on Saturday and Sunday!

Week Two – Spent a week in Pennsylvania and had such an awesome time. I painted coffee mugs, watched a killer sunset over Lake Erie, attempted some acro-yoga and failed but haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and went to Cedar Point and rode roller coasters!

Week Three – after finally getting back, I kicked off my 9-days until my birthday do EPIC stuff week, so I missed the deadline there too…but the good news is, there is a part two today and it is all about my birthday!


Right before I left on my road trip, Texas under went a record amount of rainfall and it brought about some of the worst flooding we have had in years. One place in particular which is special to me was affected is a huge way. Luckily the two people who I hold dear in my heart were not hurt and are doing okay.  But it does make you think about the big picture of things and how quickly everything can change and totally change your life forever.

It was also great to see Texas communities coming together for those in need and help people who were affected by the flooding. Also watching my OCR friends volunteer to head down there for a weekend and help out a family in need was outstanding!

Road Trippin’

As you may know by now, I love going on roadtrips and traveling all over the place. My travels to date have mostly consisted of just places across the united states, but they are fun none the less. So when I was giving the chance to actually drive to a race, of course I took it. I had the most fun in a car I have had in a long time, lucky for me my partner in crime loves to sing and I think we sang every song on the radio. Oh yeah, and you can never here the song “Footloose” too many times!

Along with making several videos, we also did this during our road trip:

  • Arkansas Road Sign
  • Tennessee Road Sign
  • Graceland in Memphis
  • Karaoke in Nashville
  • Spartan Race in Ohio

IMG_3191After Ohio I traveled to Pennsylvania and stayed 5-days there visiting the great town of Erie. Sandwiched between a couple of work days I got to do more awesome things. I already mentioned them above but definitely going to Cedar Point was the most fun. I am glad I had the company I was with, I love roller coasters and having a super awesome partner in crime makes it even better!

 Funny ass Sh!t

So here are some random thoughts I just thought were funny over the course of the past few weeks.

  • People in PA think line dancing is country dancing! Yes I knew this was the way northern people thought when I first moved to Texas over 20 years ago, but I was asked if we could country line dance in Texas. Then I heard a country radio station advertise that they were going to be doing that…I just shook my head and laughed. No, we don’t line dance in Texas. (unless that is we are doing the electric slide or something)

circle-questionDid you know? In Salt Fork State Park in Ohio, this is the home of bigfoot? While in the gift shop at the lodge, I asked why they sold all this bigfoot stuff and why the statue in the lobby. Well, they have had “sightings” for over 100 years and even as recent as 2015…

  • Laura not knowing what Graceland was! At least she did know who Elvis was!
  • I know I touched on this before regarding athlete pages, but I also think if you have the word “Spartan” as a part of your name on any social media platform, I think you are just kinda lame. I mean think about it, that is the name of a race and a company. I know you are going to argue that you think it means you are a real spartan kinda like a warrior or something, but no, no you are not. It would be like someone putting their name to be “Dopey Sam” or maybe “Triathlon Steve” or why not one of the other races? I’d love to see someone be “Savage Joe” or “GladiatorRR Bob” or even “Battlefrog Tony”…no, no one else does it for any other of their hobbies, we don’t have “Marathon Jane” or “Scubadiver Sally” or “Motorcross Ken” so just stop it already. I am sure if your profile pic is a picture of you doing a run and you labeled it correctly in your profile, we all know already.


                                                                                                  I’ll be your top thrill                                                   (quote as seen on a shirt at Cedar Point)

  • I absolutely love the women’s world cup! Pretty much the only time I watch women’s soccer is when the cup is on! USA won the pool and now the march to the cup starts!
  • So after my recent trip to ROT (blog coming soon) I have decided to add a new event to my list of goals for this year. I am going to try to complete the Iron Butt ride before the end of summer.
  • I know this is very random, but how many people have you said “I love you” to? I was thinking of this on my ride recently, while reflecting as I usually do while I am riding and it occurred to me that I have posted a lot recently about being in love or I was in love or had been in love and my feeling on love and yeah…pretty much a lot of love stuff.  Well that tends to happen when you wear your heart on your sleeve and you give yourself over to someone with reckless abandon. But contrary to belief, I have not actually told that many people that I love them. Sure I have had feelings for someone and I may have said I was falling or whatever, but at the end of the day, after 44 years, I have only told 9 (nine) women that I loved them. That is pretty much since I was 16 and I have to say some of the love I threw out there then, isn’t anything like how I think love is now (3 before 20YOA, is that even really possible?) So now I am wondering if that is a high number or a low number? I first thought it was pretty low, but now I am not so sure. What is your number?
  • So I discovered the key to making our kids in this country smarter! It is bribing them with Pizza and Movies! Okay this was pretty funny when I saw it, so I am just going to leave this here…IMG_3043 IMG_2499
  • I also discovered a new thing…while in Erie, PA, I decided to go walking and I found that they have pizza joints on like every corner! So if I ever go to visit again, I am going on a walkabout, a pizza walking tour and I am going to try a slice at each place!

circle-lightbulbFun Fact! If you need your house cleaned, dishes washed, light bulbs replaced, trash taken out…apparently all you need to do is invite me over and my OCD takes over and things seem to get done…flaw or great quality?


So this week in honor or one of my favorite bands Lifehouse releasing a new album, I am going to list my top songs I love off the new album.

Lifehouse – Hurricane

Lifehouse – Firing Squad

Lifehouse – Wish

Lifehouse – Hourglass

Lifehouse – Hindsight

I know 5 songs is a lot, but these are my favorite so far, but there are a couple more that I like as well.