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Mary’s Cafe – Strawn, TX

The hunt for the greatest burger in the United States continues. This time we head down to the small town of Strawn, TX to a place called Mary’s Cafe.

When we hear about the local spots that have a great hamburger, we have to get there and try it, I mean we are looking for the perfect hamburger.

We are going to give this a grade on a scale of 1-5 stars, with 5 being the highest.

So we ordered the Famous Mary’s Cafe Texas Sized Bacon Cheeseburger.


Presentation  Star-symbol Star-symbol  Star-symbol

01021ff77b9aa108ef1332961cd4cec30690b49c35On first appearance this is a monster! This was so big I didn’t think I was going to be able to get it in my mouth. I am giving it 3 stars because there was nothing on the plate and the side fixings looked weak.

Taste  Star-symbol

01277e358d1893428883b3b5898c8b82c486e4d72cThe biggest disappointment of this monster was how awful it really was.  Unfortunately after it arrived, I remembered that they never asked how I wanted it cooked. I am a medium guy and this was very well done.  After I cut into it I noticed and after the first bite it was very well done and actually crispy burnt on the outside. Almost like it was charred. Needless to say I did not like it all. It didn’t have any juices in it or actually any flavor at all. Even after putting as much ketchup as I could on it, I could only eat half of it. In the end, I can’t give anyone less than 1-star, I mean it was big and they did have to make it for us.

Condiments  Star-symbol

This is our wild card category, because everyone gets it different, we wanted to have a category where we could distinguish the condiments that go on a great burger. We ordered this one with Cheese, Bacon, Mayo, Mustard and the rest of the fixings, Onions, Pickles and Tomatoes.

I start with the bacon, it wasn’t that good. I could barely taste it even on a tasteless burger. It was what I call, limp bacon, I hate limp bacon. The cheese was regular American cheese and there was not much of it. It barely covered the  top of the burger. As for the rest, it was your normal type of sides. The onions were big, had shredded lettuce and a small bun. The bun got soggy and ended up dying quick. We give this one star as well.

Cost  Star-symbol  Star-symbol

You know you get what you pay for. Here I paid $8.50 for a Texas sized bacon cheese burger. That was it, the fries were an extra $5 for a plate. Granted the side of fries were a huge mound of fries, but alas they were not that great…limpy, soggy, funny tasting fries. I give this two stars because normally $7-$9 for a burger is reasonable, but those usually come with fries.

Overall  Star-symbol  star-3-4

Overall this was a disappointing burger after a great ride to get there and an eye feasting dream when it arrived. I am giving it 1.75 stars. They had some cool T-shirts too, but I couldn’t buy one after the bad experience.

01332faefb5dceb7c714a48a864a97fdcaec2be32eHowever, we do recommend that if you like chicken fried steak, here is a picture of the medium sized steak.  Dad ate it and said it was good and the gravy was also outstanding. It came with a salad and fries, so it was much better of a deal.