Dear Arizona – Month Seven (Find Your Passion)

Dear Arizona,

Welcome to seven months on planet earth. Every month I tell you what a joy and pleasure it is to raise you and be around your infectious smile and booming personality. I never expected being a parent to be like this. So many things are happening, your first Christmas is just around the corner and we are decorating and very excited. This past month you really started eating foods, no more boobie milk for you, you quit cold turkey and went to the foods! You are getting so big! You are starting to get teeth and you have not complained one bit.


Last month I told you to be yourself no matter what and never change for anyone. Well this month ties into that just a bit. I want you to try everything! Find something you are passionate about and like Nike says, “Just Do It!”

I literally mean anything! I don’t care if you play sports (but I would love it if you did), became an actor or a writer, or play an instrument and play music. Maybe you do all of the above, maybe you become a runner like your dad, race cars or motorcycles, or become a photographer like your mother. The possibilities are endless, just find something you love to do and have fun doing it.


When you get older, you are going to think you had one crazy dad, because he loves to do so many things. But honestly, at the end of the day, I just like to have fun. I am going to tell you a few of my passions and interests and why I do these things.

When I was young, probably about 9-10 years old, I was a very small (height wise) kid compared to most kids. I feel like I was the last person picked for teams and I was never really great at anything. I played little league baseball but I was not the greatest. I was not allowed to play football until the 7th grade because I was so small. In fact I played flag football and I love football (you will come to know this!). But it was not until the 4th grade when I started wrestling that my life changed.

I ended up wrestling all through high school and my first two years in college. After college I started doing Judo because it was so much like wrestling. I also started coaching wrestling and I did so for about 8 years. You see wrestling is an individual sport and wining or losing was all on me, I had no one to depend on and it was all up to me. I loved the physical aspects of it, it wasn’t until I was a JR in high school that I finally hit my growth spurt and that sport gave me confidence in myself. Wrestling is one thing that I am so very passionate about, I love teaching others and helping them achieve the goals they set. One of my proudest moments was helping a young student overcome all of the odds, the weight issues, and the perceptions of others to be a darn good wrestler.

My greatest passion you will also come to see is my love for motorcycles. For me it started when I was 14, my father brought home dirt bikes for all of us to ride. Yes your Grandma B was a dirt bike rider and a Harley Rider! Riding dirt bikes is one of those things that I just love to do. It is challenging and at the same time a bunch of fun for me. One of the things I want most in this world is for you to love motorcycles as much as I do. I hope you love riding dirt bikes and along with your brother, we get to tear up some trails when you get older.

I also love traveling the country on motorcycles. I have been doing this since I was 16 years old. This is something that is in our family blood. Your Grandpa & Grandma B taught me and took me on my first trip. Now 31 years later and we all still go places. We have been everywhere and I can’t wait to tell you and show you. My greatest hope is that when you turn 16, we can go on a road trip. You, your brother, and your mother and I, all on bikes traveling to some great place on an adventure.

So your dear old dad, loves adventures, we also ski (your brother is a boarder), we scuba dive, we hike, and we do everything as a family. As you can start to see, I am one who’s passions are of the physical variety. I also love running and doing OCR races.


I m sure your mother will have more to add to this, but your mother does have most of the same passions as me, bit I will tell you that the differences are the reasons why I love her so much. You mother loves books and reading, you will soon realize this when you see our home library. Your mom also loves photography. She love it so much, she started a business doing it and one of the reasons we have so many awesome family photos in our home.

But you will come to know that what your mothers biggest passion is, is being a teacher of young minds. This is why it is so important that you find a job in life that you love doing. Because it won’t seem like a job at all. Your mother is amazing to watch in action as she helps students and teach others to be better. It is almost like she has this superpower at school and at home she is just mom. Have a passion like this.


We are still trying to figure out your brother. He is one of the smartest kids I have ever met. He is athletic as he is smart. He can play any sport once and be good at it. Right now he is bouncing around trying to find that one true passion. But here are a few that he keeps going back to.

Writing…he wants to be a journalist. So he loves creating stories. He also loves to read. He currently reads about 5 grade levels above his current grade which is awesome. He has a dirt bike, so far he loves riding it, so we shall see if it sticks.


Not all passions have to be something you physically do. You could become a champion for animals, fight child abuse, or love gardening. I believe that once you find that passion, it gives you a purpose. You have something to look forward to and it makes you a happy person. Before I met your amazing mother, I was in a place where most all of my passions were taken away because the person I was around did not like those things. For a number of years I didn’t dirt bike, downhill ski, run or workout, didn’t scuba dive, and was made to feel guilty or shamed almost for wanting to explore new places and find foods I like (Burgers, Pizza, and Pie)!

When you find that one thing or numerous things that make you who you are, the reason it becomes important, is because without those things you become a shell of who you are. With them, you will have the most joy in life.

Arizona, I hope you find lots of passions in life and enjoy them to the fullest.

I love you baby girl!

Love Dad

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