Things I Think – Thursday 5/7/15

Boxing, Eating Healthy, ISIS in Texas, Just Being Okay, and This

So I had planned to not write anything about being in love or relationships or any of that stuff this week since I had been in both of the previous posts. But dang it, crap happens, people ask me for advice (why I have no idea, have you seen my track record?) and BAM! I have thoughts. So here goes this week…


By now everyone knows what happened in the May-Pac fight last Saturday.  I for one can honestly say this was the first time since Mike Tyson fought that I have attended a house party to watch a boxing match. Too bad this fight should have happened years ago when they were both better fighters. But needless to say, we all crowded around the TV and watched for something EPIC. Well I can say I had not laughed that hard in a long time. The fight, well that was just ridiculous, it was boring and May2842614200000578-0-image-a-114_1430627226447weather just hugged and danced and occasionally threw a punch.  No, what I am talking about are the entrances by both people. Now that was some funny ass shit. First you have Pac, with Jimmy Kimmel looking all tough as his celebrity tough guy. Seriously he looked like one of the guys from Run DMC! But the all-time best was the selfie right before they entered the arena. The trainer, Pac and Kimmel…priceless.

Oh yeah and on the other side, Mayweather we all knew he had the Biebs in his corner, but when they first turn on the camera as he starts to come out, we don’t see that turd, no we see Burger King. The third funniest thing all night! Seriously, Burger King walked Mayweather to the ring…

So to me this says just one thing, in this age of social media and self promotion, we can’t even be serious in sports anymore because everyone is trying so hard to get noticed. In reality the “Selfie” was an advertisement by Samsung.  I thought Pac looked ridiculous and so did his one corner man who looked like a NASCAR driver with all of the logos covering his jacket and he has on compression sleeves (with advertisement) I mean really? Where is the fighter like Tyson was, you know, black shorts, no socks and a freaking towel for a robe, that he cut the center out of to wear like a poncho. Now that was a fighter. Yes boxing is dead, nobody cares anymore and I miss great fighters like Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Tommy “Hitman” Hearns. I think I would rather watch Rocky IX than anymore PPV boxing matches.

Eating Healthy

I have always had a very high metabolism. I usually eat anything I want and I have been okay with that. When I started this fitness journey about 5 years ago, it was simply because I was tired of my spare tire and I wanted to get active again. I spent basically 9-years doing nothing but sitting on the couch. So one of the first things I started to do was just eat better. I cut out the fried foods and soda as much as I could, but I still ate just about anything.

So I have been on cruise control through this journey until the end of last year. Then something amazing happened to me.  I met someone who for all intents and purposes, changed my life. It might sound silly but being around someone who eats healthy food seriously changed my eating habits and put me on the right path. I like to think I try new things, but in reality I don’t, I know I don’t eat seafood, in fact I don’t even try it.  I have preconceived notions of things either my family put in my head or I had a bad experience with. So I eat the same ole same ole.

I have a friend whose kids eat at the same three places every week. They eat the same foods every-time. My change started there, with trying to get them to eat more than chips and queso. I called it “Trying new things” and it worked some. Fast forward and I was asked to eat things like asparagus, artichokes and salads with kale and spinach. WTF? Can you be serious right now? I don’t that crap, don’t vegetarians eat that stuff? But you know it all goes back to the kids, they are like sponges and often times they repeat or like what you do. So once again the “trying new things” even if it was one bite came into effect.

But more than just trying new food, I am now in love with it. Sweet potatoes, umm yes please! Kale, I friggin’ love it! Artichokes, it gives me gas but hey I eat the crap out of it now and asparagus, I’ll eat it if cooked just right! But more than just the food, I am cooking it better by using coconut oil. I spent the first three months of this year eating stuff that I never would have eaten in the past. But it’s not only the food, I also cut out a lot of toxic things as well. Then in the past few months, I have met some uber heathly people, chefs who cook amazing healthy food and they have introduced me to more things. The kicker in all of this? I have embraced the “try new things” to a whole new level. I actually ate fish and calamari…and liked it! So thank you to all of you who have guided me to these new foods and way of life. Yes it is a way of life, not a diet.  Sure I have my cheat meals too, I mean come one I love pizza and cheeseburgers!

At the time of writing this I had an awesome call with a trainer and nutritionist who is going to further help with my nutrition and meal plan. I am super excited and I will have more details once we get my plan going. This is going to be awesome and hopefully will give me that boost I need. I have known this guy for years and we started talking over supplements, who actually has good products, who has good marketing and what I need for my performance. But before we do that, time to straighten the diet!

ISIS in Texas

All I can say is, hahahahahahaha! You really think you can come to Texas and try to strike fear into us? Seriously? In case you have not heard, two guys show up to a “draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas in full body armor and start shooting. Well all it took was one police officer and a couple of shots and they were down. One 60 year old, 38 year veteran doing what he was trained to do. He neutralized the threat and nobody was seriously injured.  Now these ISIS folks claim more is to come and they have people everywhere…blah blah blah. I read today they plan on taking out all of the defenders of the Cross. Well, all I can say is that this is Texas and we have guns too, hell most of us have concealed permits and yes we can shoot also. The notion you want to destroy Texas is kinda funny actually, I mean we are almost our own country and even after all of our military bases and local law enforcement, you have all of us and yes we also have assault rifles and we probably can shoot them better that you can.  #Texasforever

Just okay

I think it is kind of ironic that I have friends that ask me for advice about relationships and life and things and stuff.  I don’t think of myself as Ann Landers by any means, I mean my own track record is nothing to write home about, but maybe it is because I am not afraid to put myself out there and I give 100% in everything I do. With that being said, I spoke with a couple different friends about the whole “life is too short” topic and spending time with people who matter. In the end we all came to the same conclusion.  If you are in a relationship because it is safe, easy, not complicated, and comfortable, but you are unhappy…what is the point? There seems to be two options, stay and make it work (because relationships are work and you need to talk shit out) or move on. Most of us don’t like the moving on piece because we have to change everything and we are all afraid of change.  Besides sometimes there is a reason you are with that person, it is not like we are in arranged marriages or relationships like 500 years ago.

My advice to my friends, was simple, you need to talk it out. Don’t let if fester and then you just explode, don’t live unhappy. I did it and it is no the way to go. Tell them you are unhappy and then make a plan to fix it. It doesn’t always work out, but in the end we need to be happy.  I truly believe in the “No Regrets” policy. I don’t want to regret that I shoulda, coulda, woulda, done something.

I can talk all day about this, but I came across this little saying and it spoke volumes to me and I hope it does to you as well.



I came across this the other day and I had to think and reflect on it a bit. Someday, somewhere…this…

I love you for everything baby … I want you to be and have positive thoughts … Everything will fall into place …It’s gonna be hard .. But smile be positive and think of me .. And us.

I love you because :
You’re strong.
You’re beautiful.

I love you because even on my worst days, when I just want to throw in life’s towel and give up on everything, you’re always there, still cheering me on.

I love you because even though you’re all of the way over there, and I’m all of the way over here, you’ll always be with me.

I love you because you know I love you.

I love you because even when I’ve failed to provide more recent reasons for my affection, you still know how much I care.

I love you because even if you deserve and could easily have better, you still choose and love me everyday.

I love you because even though the distance and time apart seems so much harder after each visit, my love for you grows more and more with each passing moment.

I love you because I’d give my life just to have one single breath of you.

I love you because you are more to me than you will ever understand. You’re everything.

I love you because I don’t want to be the center of anyone’s attention but yours.

I love you because I’m with you now; you can shut your eyes knowing I always will be.

I love you because you’re making my fantasies come true. I Just care about having them with you

I love you because my hand fits perfectly in yours.

I love you because we’re going to make all of our dreams come true together

I love you and I go out of my way to try and impress you.

I love you because your eyes are not only beautiful for aesthetic reasons, but when you look me in the eyes I feel like you know me better than anyone else.

I love you because you believe in me.

I love because you love me and we argue over who loves each other the most.

I love you because we can talk about our future together comfortably. Because we both know that not only can we last long enough to have a future together-BUT WE WILL.

~Anonymously Once Upon A Time… Do they live happily ever after? One could hope this day and age….


I debated what to feature this week, old school, new releases or just my favorites.  So I threw in one of each!

Michael Jackson – Rock With You

Hootie and the Blowfish – Hold my Hand

Better than Ezra – Crazy Lucky


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