DFW Mudrun – Spring Race Recap 2011

Ft. Worth, Texas – April 9, 2011

Well, this is my second effort at the DFW Mudrun along the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas.  Last year I lead a team of five (5), well I followed actually, but none the less, competed in last years race.  We finished 21st out of 128 teams with a time of 1:40:49.  Not bad for our first ever mudrun and a 10k at that!

This year with only 2-original members returning (due to injuries and lack of training) we once again set out to compete in the DFW MUDRUN.  I re-booted the team and the Mud Junkies were once again ready to run this 10k course full of mud! The team consisted of my new found group of friends in the “DFW Mud Crew” and consisted of Mike Shanks, Gustavo Arteaga (original member), Kelly Fristoe, Lauren Zotz & myself.  This year we were able to secure a whole media team of photographers and video techs.  We were sure to capture the awesomeness of this race.  So we strapped on our boots, put on our BDU’s & our orange Mud Junkies shirts and started the race.

Normally when I review the races, I go over each obstacle and give my critique of each one.  But this race has actually too many to list.  So I decided to just tell you about my favorites. My first favorite was the RIVER CROSSThis was not your typical water crossing, we actually had to swim across the river.  Luckily they had two ropes we could use to help cross with, funny thing was that most of the people didn’t use them right.  I basically used a swimming technique head down and went hand over hand.  I only almost drowned once, due to looking back over my shoulder to make sure my partners were doing okay. But I was able to get back into a groove and make it across.

My second favorite obstacle was the GORILLA ROPE MONKEY BARSI am sure many found this hard, as I just watch most of my team members just jump in the mud pit after I failed. But, I thought it was awesome, it was hard and I was just 2-rungs shy of completing it! Great obstacle. (One of the only obstacles the photography crew couldn’t get to)

My third favorite obstacle was the PLATFORM JUMP, we had to climb up onto a platform and jump about 15-feet down into a mud pit.  Being the group that we were, we all jumped at the same time. Nothing to hard, but a fun jump and crawling out was a blast.

My last top obstacle was the ROPE CROSSINGwhere you have to cross a good size mud pit by walking over a rope and using a top rope to guide you for balance.  This is the only mudrun I have competed in that has an obstacle like this. One of my most favorites!

The race didn’t seem that difficult this year even though it ended up being 6.6 miles total distance.  We were able to keep a decent pace, even though one member ended up pulling a hammy and slowed up towards the end.  But since we had to finish as a group, we left no man behind. Our official finish time was 1:51:09 which was good for an 8th place finish in our co-ed group.  I added in the uniform services and Corp. team groups and we ended up in 13th place out of 51 teams. I think we could have given them a run for their money, the top teams finished a good 20 min ahead of us, but we ran slow towards the end.

Enjoy my video of our awesome Mud Junkies team!


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