9 Things I Learned on My Roadtrip

By: Travis Blythe

I recently took a road-trip which was close to 1100 miles and 16 hours one way. We went there and back in 5 days for a grand total of just over 2300 miles. During this trip, there were 9 things that I learned about myself and others and I thought I would share them with you.

Number 1: Driving 50-50 really means, 70-30.  I drove 11 hours there compared to Sparkle Chick driving a whopping 5 hours, I am so glad she was able to get all that sleep, while I could barely hear the radio because I was worried the sound would wake her up.

Number Dos: My cousin has turned into a hermit in my 18 year absence. This is very sad to me since we used to be close.  His world is simply this, work the 3rd shift at the factory making $10/HR, coming home from work and playing the Wii all day, then sleeping.  Rinse and repeat this.  On his days off, he goes to momma’s house to get his laundry done. 37 years old and is too shy to even go out and meet a significant other…what would have happened had I stayed and made him be social? Needless to say, my feelings were somewhat hurt that I get home but once a year and he would rather sleep then meet me out to catch up.

Number 3: Dear Illinois, your speed limit of 65 makes for a very long drive through your boring state, please change that!

Number 4: A car is just a car, no matter how expensive it is, if you have insurance, then let people drive it.  So for the first time EVER, my car which was 4 days old, I let everyone drive and I do mean everyone.  My sister-in-law, my niece, my father-in-law, Eddie the family friend from Ohio, and my Nephew. I even let my Niece take it by herself with 4 of her friends to go/do whatever…no I was not smoking any wacky tabacky, but hey, it’s just a car right?

Number 5: Family is Family and no matter how mad you are, life is too short to ignore them. I ran into a second cousin who has not spoken to her sister in years, lives in the same town and has no clue where.  Are they fighting? No, just decided they don’t have anything in common anymore and lost touch.  Confused? Yes I am, so I did my best Ann Landers and gave some simple advice, if you died tomorrow, or if she did, would either of you know that the other loved them? Life is too short to not to let the people in your life know what they mean to you.  I think the following day I saw some facebook posts back and forth…greatness.

Number 6: I grew up having to had very thick skin or you were road kill.  So I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, get over it, it was nothing personal, I am a jokester and that is how I am.  I am not picking on you, just striking first blood, so keep up or go and cry in your room.

Number 7: I am a very competitive person, while yes I do like to win and hate loosing, I hate cheaters even more. So, how can you be mad if I catch you cheating at UNO? I didn’t do it, all I said was that I caught you. But I do apologize if I hurt your feelings, I didn’t mean to.

Number 8: In regards to number 7, the worst possible thing to do once you are caught cheating and verified by others that I did have a valid point, is to try an lie about it.  Even worse than that is to after lying about it, admit you were wrong but say “oh well” and try to change the rules of the game in game 3 of a rubber match.  My only argument was that if you score it one way in game two, you can not score it another way in game three to benefit you when it means winning or losing the game.  So yes, I called you a cheater and a lier mixed with some very bad curse words.

Number 9: Motorcycles will always rule over a car on a road trip, even if you have a brand new Ford Mustang convertible 5.0 GT. Traveling the country on the open road, and the wind in your face is something I can never explain to anyone, but is a must do! Man I need a Vacation!

My name is Travis and I talk to strangers!

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