Things I Think – Thursday 6-24-2010

By: Travis “Blydawg” Blythe

Road Trips, you either love them or fear them.  For me I am in the middle, if it has to do with riding the Harley and seeing the country, I am all in! But when it comes to getting in the “cage” or car as you people call them, I am in the middle of the road.  Depending on if you are taking a scenic tour of the country, that is one thing.  If you are driving 16 hours straight through to get to a destination, then that is another all on its own.

Of course the latter is where I am today.  Pricing the flights to fly back home to Chicago/Michigan area was unbelievable, as the prices are double what we normally pay.  I started looking a good 2 months in advance and still nada.  So we decided it would be a good idea to just drive.  Like I said, I don’t mind it, I actually enjoy it some. But this style of “Cannonball Run” does not appeal to me the older I get. To follow along via Twitter, you can always follow us using the hashtag #BlydawgTravels.

On the plus side of this trip, is that I have a brand new car.  So we dubbed her the “bandit”!  I guess my lack of excitement comes from the fact that we are leaving at 5pm and our expected ETA is around 9am.  With that being said, driving in the dark through the middle of the night is not all that exciting.  Add in the fact that my co-pilot sleeps the majority of the time and I do all of the driving is not exciting!

I think the final split on driving time was me 10-11 hours and Sparkle Chick managed 5-6 hours.  I managed the first 8 hours, I got to sleep for 2 1/2 hours before I was thrown back into the cockpit again. We managed some checkin videos, only got off track one time near Tulsa, OK in some construction, but all in all, it did go by faster in the dark.

My last car roadtrip, I didn’t have DVD video player, RedBox did not exist and I didn’t have an iPOD or Sirius radio to jam out to.  It was nice to pack a cooler, pack snacks and hit the open road…now for the return trip!

Here are some along the way updates!

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