Things I Think – Thursday 5-27-2010 – Memorial Day

By: Travis E. Blythe

Memorial Day weekend is a time to reflect and remember our fallen heroes.  I know this day is reserved for the men and women who sacrificed everything so that I maybe able to actually write this; however, as a person whose father served for this country, I tend to give thanks to all current and past.  Thank you everyone who has or is risking everything to keep our freedom.

I am somewhat selfish and I am glad that my father returned from Vietnam and was able to continue his life, and establish this family of ours.  I know it took some years before he was actually able to openly talk about his time over there, but none the less, I am grateful.  When he did start opening up, he made me understand a lot better all the things that most people who were not there would never understand.  I am proud to tell everyone my father served his country in Vietnam and now he is too.  For years he never acknowledged anything, now he proudly wears all of his patches.

Some of my most memorable Memorial Day moments have been when we took our Rolling Thunder trips.  Although we have not been in a few years, I have never felt more proud and minuscule at the same time.  Being able to ride for the fallen and honor them was one of the best feelings ever.  The rush you get being in such a great event, and being able to ride for those who can not.  I look forward to going back in the near future.  I am guessing the next time we go the attendance will be over 1-million bikes riding strong through the streets of DC.

See you there!


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