Things I Think – Thursday 5-20-2010

Things I Think is back! Yes I took a small hiatus, been really busy lately (I know that is no excuse) but I am back to tell you how it is! I have a ton of crap to talk about, but many of those topics are going to be separate blogs in the future.  Today I want to discuss stupid questions people ask you. I know the saying goes the only stupid question is the one that is not asked, but I beg to differ.  Sometimes there are some questions people ask you where you just want to scratch your head and go “huh”?

I recently took a trip to south Texas with my father and brother.  Not your ordinary trip, well it is for us, but most people would probably not take a trip on a motorcycle, especially when the forecast calls for thunderstorms for all three days.  But what are you going to do, when you have been planning for months?  Anyway, we encountered said rain and promptly put on our rain gear and trudged on.  We stopped for gas and after filling up we move the bikes to up in front of the store for a small break and to grab a drink.  As we are parking, a truck pulls up to my father and the guy rolls down his window and asks “is that rain-suit waterproof”?  The he follows up that brilliant question with “where did you get it?”  Now you maybe asking yourself, why is that odd?  Well for starters, my dad is wearing a black rain-suit with reflective stripes and the words “Harley Davidson” in big letters across it.

To address the first question, “is your rain-suit waterproof?” Let’s think about that one, umm, no Sir, it is not waterproof, but I felt like wearing it anyway while the buckets of water poured from the sky.  Actually, it is not a rain-suit at all but just a jacket and pants made out of a rubber like material that repels water.  I think we actually laughed at that for the remainder of the weekend.

Question number two, “where did you get it?” I realize that is a plausible question to ask, because there are many places you actually can get a Harley Davidson rain-suit, most of them are at dealerships, but come on dude, really?  The guy as it turns out was a fisherman who was looking for a good rain-suit to fish in.  My poweraide about came out of my nose when my dad politely responded “have you tried Cabellas or Bass Pro Shop?”

I posed a question to BlydawgNation today asking them for some stupid questions they have been asked. and I did get a couple of funny responses I thought I would share.  Sara Polito (@PolitoSara) told me she gets asked all the time “why are you so tall?”  Yes she is a tall drink of water, but really? Why on earth would you ask someone why they are tall? Sara told me she responds very sarcastically these days and I don’t blame her.  I on the other hand get the opposite of that question. I get asked why I am so short?  I often think to myself, geez I am 6’0″ tall, and you think I am short?  I guess you would think that when I am with my brother and father.  My brother is 6’5″ and my father is 6’6″, so yes technically I am the runt in the family, but I was never really good at biology and chemistry so I have no clue as to why when I was born, I ended up just a tad shorter then the rest of the men in my family.  Maybe as a baby they didn’t put me on the stretcher machine and make my legs longer.

One of my favorite bloggers and colleagues is T-Blawg (@tblawg).  His contribution this week was when a girl he was talking to recently asked him “are you just talking to me because I am hot?” I can only imagine what he said but I can speculate it was something like this “No, it is because of your personality!”  Wow and I thought only the self absorbed women lived in Dallas, home of the 30k millionaires and the first question out of a woman’s mouth is “how much money do you make?” followed by “what kind of car do you drive?” Yes girls, we talk to you for your personality just like you don’t mind that I drive a Ford Focus and work at ARBY’s. You can find more interesting thoughts on life, dating, women and living in Boston from T-Blawg here.

To wrap up, yes there are stupid questions that need to not be asked.  Please think before you spurt out to us your genius IQ by asking the dumbest question on earth.  I think from now on, I am going to equate those stupid questions by labeling someone “Darwin”.  Just like the Darwin Awards! So if I say “thanks Darwin” you will know you just asked me a stupid question.

My name is Travis and I talk to strangers.


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