Things I Think – Thursday 3-11-2010

Parental Warning Advisory – These thoughts may not be suitable for younger children. Okay let’s get down to it.  The theme for this week seems to be suicide and death.  I do have some thoughts on this topic because it is a situation I have had to deal with and I am still dealing with.  If you have browsed through my blog site then you will know what I am talking about.  I am not going to elaborate any further due to the nature of facts surrounding the situation.  However, you are advised my comments below are not pertaining to that incident.

Okay, so what do I think about Corey Haim dying of an apparent drug overdose. Well after further review it may appear it was simply a heart condition combined with water in his lungs.  I watched his show a couple years back called “The Two Corey’s” and he was a tool back then who had an addiction to prescription drugs and alienated everyone around him who tried to help including his so called BFF for life.  So no, I do not feel a bit sorry that he is dead.  He had life on a silver platter and pissed it all away on drugs and addictions.  Some of us will never know the success or fame he had (or even the money) and would trade places in a heart beat.  I for one have never done a drug in my life, so I think I could handle the fame.

I delayed this post today because my original “Thoughts” revolved around the “accidental overdose” theme, and I just learned that may not be the case.  So I re-tooled the article and shelved the rant for another time.  But for the record, I do not believe people can overdose on prescription drugs or any drug for that matter by accident.  Because it does take a lot to actually die.  It is not like you take 5 Excedrin PM instead of the recommended dose of 2.  You honestly can not tell me the person didn’t know taking an excess amount of anything would more than likely kill them.

As I mentioned in another blog, this week was the 1-year anniversary of my best friends suicide.  Most of my thoughts have been centered around remembering good times and wishing he was still here to tell my secrets and life’s trials and tribulations to.  I miss that more anything.  I posted a new video this year with more pictures I have received of the past year and one of the new songs I added was by Denton’s own Bowling for Soup titled “Best Friend”.  The song was written by the lead singer after his own brother committed suicide.  That song completely describes every emotion I have felt over this.  So yes, I still cry when I think to long about it.

On a brighter side, I think my parents are single handedly keeping the newspaper industry actually in business.  Funny how that generation refuses to read online news, but still watches the news every night while reading the newspaper.

I also think my Grand Parents generation is who is keeping the US Post Office afloat. Well them and my wife seem to be the only people still using stamps to send mail.  I mean I had to use a powerpoint presentation to show how much more cost effective it was to pay our bills online rather then send a check in the mail.  Really, who still writes checks?  I happened to be in the post office this week and the workers knew most of the customers coming in by name.  Of course their average age was about 80.  But still it was cute that they come to the post office everyday to send out mail.  I mean come on, can’t they buy more than one at a time?  But I guess it keeps them busy and occupied.  I spoke to one gentleman for awhile and I have to say, that generation has to also be the most polite and friendly generation out there.  I think another blog post is coming on about that subject.

So how cool was it that I was on the radio today CNN 1190AM talking about my IgniteDallas presentation?  Well, it was way cool, I enjoyed it.  Still waiting for the video to be posted on line, I know you all want to see it.  Just be patient, I know I am!  The funniest part of the whole thing was watching the producer who sat behind the host of the show, play on his facebook.  He was accepting friend requests and looking up people, but the funniest part was when I was actually live on the radio, he was looking at pictures of some cute hotties in bikinis (with large breasteses). I think I actually lost focus for a minute.  But I was not the only on to see it…yes we all tweeted about it!

My name is Travis and I talk to strangers!


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