Things I Think – Thursday 3-4-2010

After a week-long hiatus I am back with more juicy thoughts than ever.  Due to the lack of sponsorships (time basically) we were unable to post last week and I sincerely apologize for that.  Now let’s get down to all the crazy thoughts from this week, well, actually just one thought for now, as this topic can’t be denied!

I was privileged enough to be accepted to speak at the inaugural Ignite Dallas Event which was held on March 3, 2010.  I have to say this was truly one of the highlights of my short life so far.  What a RUSH! I have presented many times on various topics over my career, but I have never been on a stage and in a room with over 200 people before.  So what an experience it was to do this event.  I can’t wait until I can post the video for all to see.  I have to say I was a little nervous, mostly because each slide is 15 seconds long and auto advances.  So with that being said most of my nervousness was trying to get through the first 4 slides while talking as fast as I can to get all the information across and land a punch line joke before the first slide ended. If you know me, then you are wondering to yourself, that should be easy for him since he usually talks 1000 miles an hour anyway.  When I talk about something I am passionate about it is usually even faster.  So I did what everyone would do, I took a dose of NOS energy drink! Just what I needed the bottled lighting that is NOS (I took the shot and not the 16oz can), chased that with a couple of beers, did a couple back stage jumping jacks and then hit the stage!

It is funny what you remember and don’t remember when you are up on stage.  I really don’t remember people laughing or cheering, maybe a couple times I do recall pausing and waiting to continue because of applause or laughter, but I really recall just silence and the sound of my voice.  I remember thinking to myself to hit certain points and remember the jokes I had planned.  Then before I knew it, it was over. It seemed to go so fast and I ended talking loudly, maybe passionately, or some may view it as yelling…regardless, I was fired up!  Coming off the stage I got high fives and congrats heading back to the “posse” I brought with me.  I could only think that the adrenalin running through me made me want to go run 3-miles.

I am sure many did not understand my first joke, I apologized in advance to my mother and I told her I loved her as I ran off to the stage.  My joke was that my mom has tattoo’s of scissors and says “I like to cut”, well my mom is a hairdresser so she found it very funny.  She had no idea what I was going to say and ended up loving it.  There is really no reason to be afraid of my mom, she is not a meanie like I joked about, she is just a protective mother of her “Mamas boy” son.

So at the end of the day, I was surprised how many people actually enjoyed what I had to say.  I had a ton of mentions on twitter, I had one guy chanting “Blydawg” in the lobby as I got an after presentation beer, and one guy wanted my picture and posed with me to take one with his phone.  Wow, talk about feeling like a rockstar.  I think I just created a lot of content for my hopefully written some day book: Motorcycling America – 1 Mile at a Time

Thank you to my “posse” who ponied up the cash to support me.  You all know who you are since I have thanked you in every social media avenue possible today.  It really meant a lot to me that you were all there.  I know I am loved and it feels good! I love you all too!

So thank you @ignitedallas for the opportunity to be a “Rockstar” for one night and enjoy my 5-minutes of fame.

My Name is Travis and I talk to strangers

PS…okay I have to say it, the bachelor finale was just funny as hell.  I mean come on we all knew he was going to pick the girl who “gave it up” over the one that doesn’t.  Especially on the date when he says there is just not a physical connection with you like with the other slut puppy.  As I said before…what a great show to get on and just be as promiscuous as possible and all the girls fight over you and don’t have issues with you getting intimate with all the girls.  Please read this blog by Think It.  They pretty much sum it all up.


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