Things I Think – Thursday 2-18-2010

What a crazy week this has been and I have had a whirlwind of a time controlling my thoughts! I originally had a different set of thoughts I was going to post today, but since this was a topic of a syndicated radio show this morning, I couldn’t help but throw in my two-cents, for what ever that is worth.

So today is a little different, I have one main thought…the wingman.  For years the concept of the wingman or wingwoman has been around.  I was originally going to pose a question, “who is the better wing person; a woman or man?” I would love to take a poll and see what everyone thinks.  But as I was looking for the perfect wingman picture for the blog, I found that the actual definition of a wingman is to “take one for the team” sorta say.  Is that true? Is the wingman’s sole job to take one for the team?  We all know that means you get the ugly or fat one.  I am trying to be unisex here and I can only imagine it works both ways.  I guess I am confused because I was never in that role, but were my friends in that role?  Did I make them take one for my selfish reasons?  I tend to think not, because I looked at the situation from the angle of me trying to get them action and I never picked ugly or fat (unless specified) of course what is coal to me is a diamond to another.  I know you think I am conceited, but I don’t give a rats ass.  From what I remember (it has been a very long time since I was an actual hunter) guys are all out for the same goal.  After I was no longer considered single and I was then labeled as bait.  Did I lose my wingman status at that point?  Just because I am not out hunting to fulfill man’s primeval needs, can I not be a wingman? I am bait, in other words I was told to stand or walk over some place and attract whomever and bring them back to the group. Or the group just stood by and attacked like a school of piranhas.  But isn’t that what a wingman does?  I was under the impression a good wingman is like the setup pitcher in baseball.  You get everything ready for your buddy to close.  Can you not still do that without “taking one for the team?”

So who is a better wingman, a woman or a man?  As a man, having a woman wingman was by far the best.  I was often told that beauty is not in the eye of the beer holder but the wingwoman.  I like it when there is a screening process where my friend actually conducts an interview if you will to determine if they pass the litmus test.  I mean after all, if they are going to end up being friends, they have to get along right?

So by now you have formed an opinion yourself and I am sure you have thought about all of your own situations and fond memories of what you have and have not done.  I am sure you think I am writing about this topic with a hidden agenda, but alas, no I thought it was funny this morning and I have to say that from time to time I get reactivated by my single friends to tag along (I think I am like 3rd choice) to accompany them out.  I am sure since I take the role of a married guy just out to have a good time and adviser, that is why I am not asked that often. I choose to be the sensible one and set a higher standard for my single friends and I will let them know if they set the bar too low for that particular evening and I am sure they hate that.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the wingman/wingwoman topic.  Do you enjoy it?

I think they need to have an “American Icon” because it is not fair they cut off the age at 28.  I like to sing too you know!

I think Facebook is jumping the shark.  The news feed is ridiculous and I miss most of my friends post because of who is befriending who and I don’t care what you write on other people’s walls or pictures. AArrgggghhh

I am super excited to have 4 upcoming events that will test my physical prowess.  Now if I could only get off the couch and start training.  But I know me and I will just show up and try to be superman and then spend the next week in traction eating Ibuprofen like skittles.

My name is Travis and I talk to strangers.


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