Things I Think Thursday – Valentines Day Edition – 2/11/10

Valentine’s Day, oh joy, my absolute favorite day of the year. NOT!  There is nothing like a made up holiday to get us to spend our money to tell the person in our lives that we actually do care for them.  Shouldn’t we be doing this more than just one day a year?  IF you were expecting a lovey dovey blog about Valentines Day and you were expecting a Kumbaya love fest, well think again.  My cult following would not allow it, they have come to love my honesty and straight forwardness.  Hey has anyone noticed that the Acronym of my blog says TITT? Funny I noticed the week of Valentines.

Pop quiz hot shot, can anyone actually tell me how this day came to be how we know it today? No? Well, I did a little research and here is what I came up with.  There was actually a priest named Valentine and the poor sap happened to cross Emperor Claudius and died in 269 A.D. by having his head cut off. What was his crime you ask? Why, he continued to marry people against the order of Emperor Claudius.  See they had this little festival called the Feast of Lupercalia, where the girls of the villages put their names into a jar and the boys drew the names out and they were then coupled for the duration of the feast.  After he was arrested for still marrying people he was jailed and oddly enough fell in love with the jailer’s daughter.  On the day he died he left her a note and signed it “Love from your Valentine.”  From this moment on, it was believed that people started sending notes and poems to loved ones on February 14th.  There are many versions of this story, but that is the nuts and bolts of it.  Later in 1847, Esther Howland developed a successful business in her Worcester, Massachusetts home with hand-made Valentine cards based on British models. My Oh My how this day has evolved in to this commercial powerhouse revenue maker of a day consisting of cards, candy and flowers.

Here are a few thoughts I have regarding Valentine’s Day.  Let me start with the disclaimer that I am a hopeless romantic who loves everything about old fashioned courting and romance.  I still love the idea of surprising your loved one with something that does show you care and I have been know to go over the top at times.

With that being said, I have serious issues with this “Hallmark Holiday.”  I guess I have to start with the fact that I think it is unfair the guy has to do everything! I mean I can understand the courtship ritual that society has placed as the “norm” consists of the man doing everything, paying for everything, but come on. How nice would it be for the woman for once to plan the valentines day and schedule a trip or pamper the man?

My advice for new couples, is to set the bar low! I heard this phrase last night and I had to incorporate it, because it hit the nail on the head of this point.  If you set a level of expectations to high then you always have the pressure of topping what you did the previous year.  I am the victim of my own advice…sometimes it is hard to keep coming up with a grand idea or plan.  Not only do we risk the fear of not doing enough for our loved one, but failure and humiliation play a huge role on what we are going to scheme.

Here is another reason I don’t like Valentines Day, gentlemen, tell me if you have ever heard this phrase after you planned, plotted, stressed and put together the perfect romantic event only to hear “How many other girls have you done this for, I don’t feel special”  Oh really?! I’m sorry I wanted to pamper you and make you feel like the princess I think you are, and don’t worry that I probably spent more on this day than I did at Christmas. Love you to.

I think if you really love your significant other, you should be giving flowers, candies and cards more than just on the sacred V-Day.  It actually goes a lot farther if you have “just because” days. Yes, I can say that because, I have done all of the “over the top” Valentines Day.  Everything from the rose pedal snowstorm to a dude ranch getaway to the horse draw carriage marriage proposal.  I am here to say, you can scale back and still have the romance involved.

I think roses are OVER RATED (chanted like at a hockey game).  Find out what flower your significant other likes and get her those instead.  Not to mention how much they jack up the prices for them on V-day.

I think it is pretty funny I keep seeing these KY jelly intense and yours-mine commercials promoting HOT bedroom activities.  What do you know, just in time for V-Day!

I think I am going to read my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue that came today.  Happy Valentines to me!

My Name is Travis and I talk to strangers.


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