Things I Think – Thursday 2-4-2010

AHHHH…The Things I Think! What a week it has been, my note pad where I write these random thoughts is so full I am not sure if I can tell you everything.  Where oh where to begin…

Okay, so I finally watched the “Pants on the ground” video and actually heard the song and not just everyone else singing it.  I about pee’d my “pants on the ground!” That was so hilarious and right to the point of what we have all been thinking about the “gangster” look which has gone on for so long.  Thank you so much General Larry Platt (Yes he is a general!) for saying what we have wanted to.  Of course we all know if a white dude had sung that song, he would have been labeled a racist.  Sad but true and you all know it.

So I get stuck watching the bachelor and all I can think is how awesome this show really is. I mean come on, all these attractive women fighting for your attention and he just keeps making out with all of them and sexing them all up. The dog in me just thinks, this is every mans dream, just lay the pipe with them all and take your pick of the litter. Lucky Bastard!

I think the Grammy’s were a little disappointing this year. It seemed to me like there was a ton of singing acts and not that many awards actually presented. I think that Eminem’s rap was horrible, not only could I not understand most of it, the other half was beeped out because they were cussing so bad.  I mean come on, really? Your going on TV and you can’t sing a clean song? Disappointing.  The whole 3-D thing during the MJ song, umm, yeah, I guessed I missed the memo telling me to go to Target and get a pair of 3-D glasses to watch network television.  As always Taylor Swift, as much as I like her, sucked singing live.  Every time I watch her, she is bad and the duet with Stevie Nicks was just plain awful. Lastly, I think PINK rocked it!

Last week there was a show on about these girls that make a pact to get pregnant while in High School. So 17 of them get knocked up and most of them just a mere 16 years old.  They claim the reason is so that they could all raise their babies together and they would be BFF’s growing up.  All I can think is WOW, I don’t think we even had 17 girls in high school having sex period, much less enough to get preggers. My how times have changed.  IF I ever have a daughter, she will never leave the house! This video sums it all up for me!

This one is for my tweeps and I apologize for the misunderstanding. Last night I sent a RT on twitter to this article about Mexico (yes the country) banning Twitter. My comment was Good all the DM’s for Chiclets are annoying! I guess nobody got that and thus I need to explain my twisted sense of humor.  On the border towns of Texas/Mexico when crossing the border and especially when you are coming back, you will get bombarded by 8 year children wanting you to buy Chiclets gum.  So I hope that clears that up for all of you who have never been to a border town crossing.  If you don’t get the twitter DM part, then that is a totally different conversation!

I think I really hate the song “firefly’s” by Owl City.

I think it was totally awesome that “I’m on a Boat” the digital short by SNL was nominated for a Grammy.

Later knuckleheads, that is all I have for this week. Go and pour yourself a warm glass of AWESOME-SAUCE you deserve it!

My name is Travis and I talk to strangers.


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