Things I Think – Thursday 1-28-2010

Last week, I received positive reviews of the first ever Things I Think Thursday, so now you get the second installment, part deux, the remix, the sequel. I can’t believe another week has already gone by, my oh my how the time flies.  So, a lot has happened this past week, don’t quote me, but I think Brett Farve has retired and un-retired a couple times already.

I think I may have waited too long to chime in, but the Leno/Conan thing has really bothered me.  I think they handled it all wrong, Leno is an idiot and now, I am mad that NBC might actually put a good show on during the week in which I will have to worry about whether or not I can DVR it.  What? You thought I liked either of them? I am team Letterman all the way!

Okay, so remember when Micheal Jackson died and there was all that controversy about his nose being stolen? Well, I think Heidi Montag stole it! Oh my God, have you seen the plastic surgery she just had? It is amazing she thinks she looks good, her face is atrocious and I like the boobies as mush as the next man, but really, size F?  A SIZE FRACKING F!!!! She is 5’2″ for crying out loud, she has to look ridiculous in person, I think those might be bigger than my head.

Yes that was a Battlestar Galactica reference.

Here is exactly what I think about the Obama state of the union address.  I think SNL (Saturday Night Live) sums it up best.   I apologize for the video quality, ummmm NO!

So I am kind of new to Twitter and I was, WAS being the key word, following this guy who only posted stuff about stem cell research.  His posts were for both about humans and animals, with the tag line about how it can help you and a link.  I fought the urge to click that link and let me tell you it was very difficult.  Here is what I think, dude post some other content and maybe I will follow you again, no matter how many followers you have, you drove me nuts posting the same thing two to three times an hour! Get a clue.

I think the knucklehead who came up with this PUSHUP challenge needs to be taken out behind the woodshed and beaten silly! I attempted this and using the max number I can do in one set being 50, I could not get past day three.  On day two which was 50% of your max, I could not get past a 1/2 day. 25 Freaking pushups every 60 minutes just about killed me.  My arms started to feel like jelly, my triceps burned and on my last attempt at 1:30pm, I nailed one and then my arms gave out.  On day three, which gets worse, 60% of your max, I couldn’t do 10 stinking pushups!  So I did what everyone does, I quit and sat on the couch! I think the key is to already be working out and in shape and not just decide you are going to do a million pushups. PS…even some muscles in my butt were sore!

I think, I am thankful, I met some really cool people over the last couple of weeks. I can see myself being friends with them for a long time. Of course at least until October! They invited me into the elusive “Cabo Wabo” club!

And finally, I think I am ready for some warmer weather so I can ride my Harley!

My Name is Travis and I talk to strangers.


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