Things I Think – Thursday 1-21-2010

This is my inaugural “Things I Think – Thursday” blog, where I am just going to lay it out there.  These are the things I am thinking and how I am feeling.  I am sorry if you disagree about anything, but oh-well these are my thoughts and not yours.  Leave a comment, I would enjoy the conversation.

The first thing I am thinking is how tired I am of hearing about Haiti.  What happened there is truly an unfortunate disaster and my heart does go out to the people there.  However, with that being said, why do they get so much attention from us?  We are raising millions of dollars for relief for them and I have to ask, why?  I get that it is a tragedy what happened, but did they give the USA any money for 9/11? How about when the Hurricane Katrina  hit New Orleans? According to the USAToday American donations are on track to be the highest total ever even bigger than Katrina and the 2004 Asian Tsunami .  I honestly do not care about how bad off they are.  I don’t think I have a cold heart but, we really didn’t care about them before the earthquake did we?  I mean, we have earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes on a yearly basis, hell California burns and has mudslides every year and may fall into the Ocean one of these years.

I have an idea; with our economy so bad and our unemployment rate at 10%, why can we not raise money for our fellow Americans who are unemployed and losing their homes because they can not afford the mortgages.  If we can raise tens of millions of dollars for Haiti in a couple weeks, I can only imagine how we could turn around our own economy.  However, I doubt that will happen, we only have bleeding heart for others in other parts of the world.

I think the announcement this week of American Airlines raising the bag rates again is really no big deal.  It really only effects those that do not travel much.  For those of us that do, our bags on AA are free courtesy of  our Gold and Platinum status. So I will still NOT be flying Southwest Airlines, no matter how much they cry about missing their bags.

I think Tiger Woods in SEX rehab is pretty funny.  As a man, and according to an article I read we (men) think about sex every 52 seconds.  So it is probably just a waste of time don’t you think?  Or maybe he is hooking up with some female sexaholics while he is locked in.

I think when January rolls around and we all make our New Year resolutions, why do we really bother.  At the most it lasts a week or if you are like me, you never even started.  I guess it makes you feel good that you actually thought about changing something negative about yourself.  This year I set goals and a 2010 bucket list instead, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I think it is time to Spring Forward!!!

And lastly I think I love the Coca-Cola Happiness machine video.  I posted it last week and it has come back to me at least once a day. I really want my coke machine to give me a pizza and a two liter coke!  That commercial makes me giggle.


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