Stop Light Sales – Part 2

Green Light Sales – Part 2


By: Travis E. Blythe


Ok, so now you have worked your magic and spoke the silvery tongue language and calmed down your client or at least opened up the gates where they are at being cordial to you.  What do you do now?  Go into your full blown sales pitch?  Do you risk going backwards in the light progression by selling too soon? Or were you so put off by your client that you bailed?


A common mistake by sales professionals is they leave too early and miss the opportunity.  Especially when you have just encountered someone in a red light frame of mind, the human response to confrontation is flight. Make sure you are teaching your sales team to not run away so quickly.  Uncover the problem and then determine the best course of action.


Ok, so you determined what your clients trigger point was and you were able to keep a steady flow of conversation and now you have them in the “Yellow Light” zone.  This is the neutral stage, where the buyer is reserving his or her judgment but is willing to listen.  Has usually not made a decision but is interested enough to listen.  NEVER begin a presentation until your customer is in the yellow-neutral-zone.  How do you know?  Just ask permission, “I have some ideas for how we can…”, “If you have a second, I’d like to show you…”  Those are just a few ways to ask permission.


This is in a way kind of like fishing; you want to throw enough out there to set the hook.  Yellow light presentations should be short and quick, like a teaser of information that will leave them wanting more.  Once they ask for more, give it to them.  Now depending on how yellow they are, should be how full blown your presentation should go.  I would not be getting out the projector and laptop, but I would utilize my brochures and literature you may have.  I would highly suggest a follow up meeting and set it while you are talking to them, this allows you to be able to come in the next time with guns blazing and you will be there to knock their socks off.



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