Joseph S. Manning


By: Travis E. Blythe


Updated 4/14/09


Today is one of the saddest days of my life, and today the world lost an exceptional man. Although my friend believes that he is in a much better place, I beg to differ. Because I am sad, angry and most of all I miss my friend terribly. But I do not wish to ramble on about negatives and I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me or my friend. But I rather that everyone who visits this BLOG will leave something to remember him by. Joseph S. Manning was my best friend. I have known him since I moved to Texas in August 1993. For the last 16 years he has been closer to me than my own brother. We fought like brothers too, and if you are a friend of Joe’s you know what I am talking about! I wanted to create this BLOG for his family and friends to be able to tell us all your favorite “Joe Manning” story. It will be really hard for me to pick just one story because I have so many. You probably have many stories of Joe yourself. It is hard for me to choose, but I have many memories of the craziest things.


·         Like being in Bobaruba’s (yes I still have a t-shirt!) and singing to the Counting Crow’s – Mr. Jones and Me and changing the words to “Mr. Joe Manning” yes we did that!


·         Or when we were in Austin and we forgot to take cold weather clothes. We had to buy jackets and we bought hooter’s t-shirts (who knew?) and Cheer’s shot bar t-shirts.


·         One time we went to “Dave and Busters” and only went to play the video game “Beach Head” we each spent over $50 playing the game as we took turns trying to beat every level! Add in the adult beverages and it was a fun day!


·         Who could ever forget trying to go 4-wheeling in his new blazer down Padre Island with New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” blaring as load as it could go!


·         Or the time he took me to Big Bend National Park to get my mind off of being fired. Jumping into 2-inches of water in our inner tubes! (We thought the water was at least waist deep)


So many more memories came flooding through today, which I had to write more.  I spent today going through the “box” of memories we created and here are more awesome Joe moments:

Singing AH-HA as loud as we could, yes Joel I am talking to you! (Take on me, Take on me, Take me on, I’ll be home in a day or TWWWOOOOOOOO!)


·         Did you know he made the best beef jerky I have ever had?


·         Garth Brooks, I will never forget how after I got him to really listen to his music, he became obsessed with Garth.   We even went to the very last concert he did and it was in College Station, imagine our surprise when we found out that you could not drink inside the building because it was on a college campus.


·         On my 30th Birthday a group of us went skydiving, except for  Joe who on principle decided that we had waited far to long after another group that came after us went first…so we all went except him…Now I am pissed that I will never get to cash in on that rain check he promised me.


I believe that one of the greatest memories I have is when we decided that we were going to ride out hurricane BRET in 1999.  After boarding up the house we went to H.E.B. only to find out that most everything was gone so we settled for all the beer we could buy, tortillas, Italian sausage and SPAM…LOL.  I can not forget as we “rode out” the hurricane which ended up hitting down by Kingsville, TX and became quite intoxicated over the 3-day period.  Looking back, how stupid were we?  Everyone else with a brain fled to San Antonio!

Most of my memories and “fun” times with Joe were when we were younger. You could say that we were tweedle dee and tweedle dum for a time.  But unfortunately over time we grow up (or at least some of us), get married, have families, and drift apart.  Sometimes we never realize how much someone actually means to us until they are no longer here.   We have lived in the same city and in different states and somehow that never mattered.  I am sure that like most of you reading this, you spoke to him regularly, I did at least once a week.  He called me “VERN” after that damn commercial so many years ago and it stuck (we actually called each other VERN).  So Vern here is to you, know that you will be missed more than I could ever write about you here.

I could go on and on about all of the memories I have of my best friend. I have attached some pictures to remember him by. Please feel free to post your favorite story or anything you would like to say about our friend.  Also check back as there will be updates and pictures added frequently.  If you have one you want me to post, please email me.


Please visit the video memorial that was created for Joe at:


Rest in Peace Joe, I hope you have truly found happiness.







Travis Academy Graduation


Travis 30th B-day

6 Flags!
6 Flags!

New Years 1993-94
New Years 1993-94
His 30th B-day
His 30th B-day


Cole Park
Cole Park
Buc days 1994
Buc days 1994
A Special Thanks to Danny Simmons for submitting these  CCPD pictures.
Working Hard in AZ!
Working Hard in AZ!
Thank you Julie Lopez for this picture of Joe working hard…

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  1. Travis you did good by me to get this rollinng. I treasure the photos.
    Joe and his Family are very dear friends of mine. It is always a thrill for me to visit them. Yes, I saw some of the characteristics you hinted around. Everyone is his own person. There is no exception for Joe. It is always a pleasure for me to help them when they need something solved. That is all stuff, because what counts is that Joe and his Family are just wonderful, kind, and caring people. If onlly everyone could realize and know these folks, they could tell me the story that I am trying show you. It is wonderful to have great friends. It is wonderful to be accepted by such distinguishing personalities. Joe
    will see us through all that is ahead.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  2. I’ve only known Joe since 2004, but he left a mark on my heart that I’ll always cherrish. He has been and will be greatly missed!

  3. My Name is Julie Lopez, and I was Joe Manning’s District Manager at 1 Stop Check Cashing in Arizona. Just as we all are, We at 1 Stop are heart broken over Joe. “Mr. Manning” as we referred to him.. was one of our top managers at 1 Stop. I had the privilege of working with Joe for over a year. I can remember the first time I met Joe… I said.. “Hey, you look like Lt. Dan!!!” aka Gary Sinise… and from there on out.. it became a joke between us. Joe was a hard working manager, who cared about his store, his people, and making money! And pretty much in that order! He was Firm, but kind, and some found it hard to work for him and others wouldn’t transfer out of his store if you paid them. He was militant in style, ran a tight ship and expected perfection from all.

    On the other side.. there was the fun loving, jokester Mr. Manning. The one who would crank call you in the middle of the day. Or send wacky emails. Wow.. I’m going to miss opening my email and finding 20 emails from Joe.. Most of them saying “ARE YOU GETTING MY ATTACHMENTS???”

    I remember the day Joe came to us to tell us he was moving back to Texas. It was a sad day for us all, and we were happy when he post-poned his trip for a few more weeks!!! During his last days working for us, Joe and I, my boyfriend Dez, Monica and Dolores all went out for Karaoke. It was the first time I had ever heard Joe sing!!! And WOW… He could sing!!!

    Just a few weeks ago, I spoke with Joe regarding some paperwork he still needed from 1 Stop. Joe was his typical jolly self. And always ended the phone conversation with “I Love Ya!” I’m glad I was able to say I love you too Joe.

    I know Joe was in pain, I just wish Joe knew how many people loved him and cared about him. Joe had a lot of friends. A lot of good friends. Who loved him for who he was. No questions asked. And, I still love Joe, regardless.

    Joe.. being the computer guru that you are.. I hope someway, somehow, your able to tap into the computers to see how much we all love you.. and will miss you more then these words on this blog could ever say!

    Rest in peace my friend. I hope that your journey to the other side brings you the joy and peacefulness, that you so desired.

    I love you Mr. Manning!!!

  4. I met Joe down in Corpus Christi about 8 years ago when I was visiting my grandmother. Joe and I became instant friends. He had me cracking up and before the night was over I was drinking crown and cokes and doing shots with him! (I’m a vodka drinker!) hehe We have kept in touch since then and he always made me laugh. From the joke emails to the random phone calls Joe always brought a smile to my face. I only wish Joe knew how many people really did care about him. My heart goes out to his family.

  5. I have know joe for along time when he was in the police dept. and work at his favorite club Bobarubas, with one of his best friends Leo and curtis. He always like the charactor Grover. He would make me laugh when he would put on his stupid wonderful smile and go back and forth saying “New” “Far”. You had to be there, but I will miss his big bright eyes and the shitty smile of his. I have so many wonderful memories of him and photos. Joe I know you new you were loved. Because you were more than I think you new. I hope you have found the peace that you could never find here and yes buddy we will see each other one day. I love you and will miss you so much. Love Nate

  6. Joe & I became friends in the 90’s. I looked up to him as I was a rookie and he was a seasoned officer. He was down to earth and cared. I became closer to him when I worked with Mike White and learned of the “Party Foul!” having a few drinks at Mike’s place. Oh what a hang over that was. We eventually began running and working out. I still remember how he loved to call cadence and sing songs he remembered when he was in basic training. I still hear him calling “How’s my brother from another mother!” We always stayed in touch. Well Joe my friend, until next time. You are loved and will be missed. God bless you and your family.

  7. I have known Joe for many years and we were very, very close. I am devastated about this, but I firmly believe he is in a better place – something he was always searching for. We have many memories together and I loved and cared for him so much. “Missing” him is an understatement. I am still trying to come to grips with this, and I am sure that it will take a long, long time. I miss you Joe and I know you are finally at peace and happy. I am going to miss talking to you and will definitely miss the way you ended each conversation with me, “I love you baby girl”. I can close my eyes and still hear you saying that to me. I am sorry I couldn’t help you this time like I was able to in the past. I know you don’t want me to cry, and I am trying my best, but I will admit it is difficult. My family still talks about that time you spent with us at Christmas. They absolutely adored you. As always, you were the life of the party, as I am sure you are now in Heaven. I love you so very, very much, Joe, and my thoughts will always be with you. Love forever, your “baby girl”…..

  8. Well, if it wasn’t for Joe, I would have never met my wife, JoAnne. I’m sure she’ll come here and leave her respects but I was heart broken to hear about Joe. Without a shadow of a doubt he was a wonderful guy. I met him at Speak Easy in Austin back in 98. We took to each other instantly…and anyone that knew Joe would say you either loved him or hated him. I’m of the former, so much that he introduced me to one of his best girlfriends, JoAnne. He was always a part of our family and I always gave him credit for my wife and two kids for without him, none of that would be possible. So much that the pictures Travis put together include many in Joe Manning’s house…a house that JoAnne and I purchased in 2001. That house became our home and it was special because is was Joe’s. I raised my daughter and son there…it was the first home I ever owned. I miss that house but I miss it more because it was Joe Mannings.

    JoAnne and I moved to Okinawa in 2004 and lost touch with Joe. Only through mutual friends – Joel, etc – were we able to find out Joe Manning moved to Arizona. I could only hope he finally found the happiness he was looking for. I was heart-broken today to learn that he had passed. And we never got to talk to him since returning to the states. I wanted him to meet my kids for surely they would have to call him “uncle”.

    I will never be able to communicate how deeply Joe touched my life, both on a personal level and a family level. He will be missed. I can only hope when my time comes I am remembered so fondly and lovingly by some as I remember Mr. Joseph S. Manning. RIP…cracker ass cracker.

  9. I am absolutely heart broken to find out this news today. Joe Manning was one of the most devoted and closest friends of my life. Typical Joe Manning would walk into Bobaruba’s acting like he owned the place and I used to think to myself “who in the hell does this guy think he is?” One day he walks past and bumps into me; I call him an a_ _ hole and he calls me a b_ _ch! From that day on we were practically inseparable for the next seven years. I met my husband because of his ability to walk up and strike up a conversation with anyone…..he could embarrass the heck out of you too! Joe Manning and I shared a lot of wonderful memories…too many to list all, but here are a few good ones:

    “I’m f_ _ ked up as a football bat!”

    He used to call me in the middle of the night and sing “Wonderwall” at the top of his lungs into the phone.

    We took his mother to Dick’s Last Resort in San Antonio and he encouraged the waitress to be extra rude to his mother. I’ve never seen her so upset…Joe had to calm her down enough to tell her that it was the waitresses job to be as rude as possible!

    We went to see “Jurassic Park” and he screamed like a little girl when the nice, cute little dinosaur spit into the guys face and proceeded to make the poor guy dinner!

    He was the most kind, giving and caring man….a man that no one could ever forget. For all the pain and troubles he faced, he brightened a lot of lives. I hope he knows that he was truly loved and will truly be missed.

  10. I met Joeseph Manning in 1977 at Tom Browne Junior High School, we were great friends for many years, all through High school and way after that, I moved to Houston about ten years ago and only saw Joe a few times when he visited Houston. I remember Ken King, Joe and I would skip school in High School just to ride around in his car and get crazy!! Doing doughnuts in the park shooting mud everywhere, all the while just laughing our heads off. Joeseph was truley a great person, who loved to make everybody laugh, I will miss him so much, as will allot of people. I remember Joe worked at Burger Chef in High School and he talked me into helping him clean the grease vents on the roof top of the restaurant, in the rain, and just laughing as we did it, Joe was just that kind of person, he could even make that fun. I worked at a Restaurant when I was in College, after work I would drive over to where Joe was working, a Texico self serve gas station, we would close the gas station and we would hop on his motorcycle and ride all over Corpus Christi, many nights we would just sit in that little box he worked in and just laugh and talk all night. Joseph brought joy and laughter to so many, just thinking about all the crazy times we had together, makes me laugh through my tears, as I just found out about his passing an hour ago. -Steven Trace

  11. I met Joe back in 1980. We ended up being good friends before I had to move to Louisiana. Back then we were just punk kids in high school and some of the fondest memories I have of Joe is skipping school and go driving all over town in his car. He was crazy back then! We’d go rat racing all over town – no wonder he became a police officer; so he could drive like that! I remember we were doing donuts behind Sokol Hall in the rain one time and got stuck in the mud, oh, and the time we went to Port A during spring break, he was a policeman then and the Port A police had part of the road blocked off so Joe got out of the truck and moved the sawhorse out of the way so we could drive on that road; well, the police stopped us and they didn’t care for us driving on that part of the beach and since Joe was a policeman, he figured he could talk the Port A police to let us off – No, our friend Dean got arrested (Dean was driving)…. Oh, so many good times we had. I’ll never forget Joe. The world isn’t as nice as it should be without Joe in it. He’s in a better place now and I’m sure I’ll see him again.

  12. I met Joe in 1987 through my now husband, Neil. When I first met him I thought this guy is very loud and somewhat obnoxious. However, I soon realized he was a very caring and funny person to be around. What I loved most about Joe were his extremely tight bear hugs. His suffering is no more, but ours begins.
    With tears, Mareen.

  13. I heard about Joe’s death from another mutual friend (Glenn Davis) that I hadn’t heard from in years. It surprised me to think I hadn’t spoken to Joe in over 10 years. Joe and I met working at Gulf Skate what seems like a lifetime ago. We became good friends and managed to do a lot of crazy stuff together. It’s funny that one of my favorite memories of Joe is when he ran me down with his car in front of Carrol High school. Joe was at one end of the smoking wing (yes you could smoke in high school back then) and I was at the other. I was messing with him… shooting him the bird when he floored it in his 79 grand prix. The whole thing would have looked pretty cool if we had just talked about it first…but we didn’t. I was thinking… he won’t hit me he’s my friend… and I’m sure he was thinking he’ll move… he’s not an idiot. My plan was to jump turn and sit on the hood of his car just as he stopped but he didn’t. He hit me and I flipped in mid air and hit his windshield as he was stopping. As I bounced off his windshield over the hood of his car another guy was walking across in front of us watching the whole thing. I flew over the hood and hit that guy right in the crotch with my face! The entire smoking wing was rolling around laughing and all I could do was get up and limp over to the car, get in the passenger side and we drove off.

    I will miss Joe and regret having lost touch with him over the years.

  14. Thank you to everyone who has posted their thoughts about Joe. Today I have updated the Blog with a new video and memories of my own. Here is the link to the new video, which has pictures from those of you who sent them to me.

    Thank you everyone!


  15. Dear Travis: I like the video. You did a fantastic job! Thank you.
    Sincerely yours, Chuck Hughes.

  16. It has been a little over a month since Joe passed away. I am just starting to realize that he is really gone. The first couple of weeks after his passing I exspected the phone to ring and hear Joe say “what ya doin ya faggggg” like he always did. That phone call never came. Seeing someone or talking to them on a daily basis is really strange when it suddenly stops. Reading all the other blogs about Joe has brought back so many fun memories I would love to share, maybe later. I am going to talk about something different. Something that Joe did for me personaly. Many of you know that I spent most of the last four months of 08 in the hospital here in Austin. It all started on Sept. 7th of 08. I was rushed the hospital, later finding out that my kidneys had failed caused by my diabetes. The last thing I remember is being in the emergency room having a difficult time breathing. I woke up two months later ( after being in a indused coma ). Who was the first person other than hospital staff, Joe. That SOB took it upon himself to drop everything he had going on to take care of me. Joe kept many of you and other friends and relatives informed of my condition and progress I was making if not dayly emails , weekly. In I.C.U. he made sure that the nurses and doctors were doing all they could to get me back on my feet. After being in a coma for two months my muscles had atrophy meaning I had no use of my muscles, I could do nothing for myself. So whenever Joe was there he would feed me and always gave me words of encouragement. When I finally made it to rehabilitation (another 3 weeks ) he would come by a couple times a see the progress I was making. When he thought I wasn’t trying hard enough to regain my muscle strenghth, he pushed me to work harder. When I got mad and frustrated and wanted to quit, he wouldn’t let me. I remember him saying “spending the rest of your life in the hospital is not a life, being out in the world is what real life is all about”. Joe did so many other things while I was in the hospital, like clean my garage, to bringing my mail to caring for my rowdy escape artist boxer, Friday and way to many other things to mention. One day when I was able to go out, Joe came by and picked me up and went to have a couple of steaks. I thanked him for all the things he had done for me and said “how can I ever repay you for what you have done for me. I will never forget what he said, ” There is no need to thank me that’s what friends are for, just knowing that you would do the same for me is all the thanks I need”. THAT IS WHAT TRUE FRIEND MEANS TO ME! I am still saddened by the loss of Joe as many of you are. I take comfort in knowing he is in a better place and finally found the happiness he was searching for. Yes Joe I will see ya when I see ya.


    Curtis Dyer

  17. After reading all the input that others have written I wanted to say a few things about our friend Joe. Joe was a friend in Blue. We were both on the Corpus Christi Police Department at the same time and even though we never worked together I got to know Joe just by being on the PD. To meet Joe was to like him. His personality attracted everyone and for me it was always positive. I only partied once with Joe and along with several motor jocks we went to the Palace for a free steak lunch. I had to drink O’Douls because I had to go on duty later in the afternoon. That lunch cost me about $60 and I was still sober, but let me tell you that Joe had a good time and I can only guess what he spent stuffing those dollars in the girls G-String.
    At the last in-service I had to attend before I retired, Joe and I went to lunch at Luby’s. We drove in his BMW. I have been told that Joe bought that BMW with his American Express Card and had to pay it off at the end of the month —- but that’s our Joe. Before we went back to the in-service Joe wanted to check on his house and that is the first time I saw what a great home he had with the swimming pool and I also got to meet his dog. On the way to his home I asked Joe what the BMW cost him and after he told me I asked him how much more would it have been for an automatic. With much surprise Joe said that one never gets an automatic with this type of car. We both had a laugh because I was showing my age. After I retired, Joe and I kept in touch with many e-mails and I am so happy for that. I am also so glad to read about the many friends that Joe had and even though I never had the opportunity to cross paths with Travis I am so glad there was a Travis in Joe’s life.
    Here is something that I wrote for a friend of mine that died of cancer at the age of 35 and I think it was also written for Joe:
    “We’ll meet again when this world ends, but until then, we’ll remember your good years, your bad years, your laughter and your tears. We’ll remember how you fought through it all, standing so tall, never complaining, because you were too tough to fall. We’ll remember how you always had time for a friend, always with a smile and a helping hand. You were a big-big hearted man. We’ll remember from day to day all the wonderful times and love that we each shared and we just wanted to say we’ll meet again when this world ends”.

  18. Hi Travis…not sure if you remember me but I went to Carroll. I am an 85 grad. I had no idea Joe had passed. I was shocked to hear the news. I remember him…not real well…but well enough through a specific circle of friends. I remember partying with him and hanging on the beach as well. Good times!!! He was such a sweet guy w/those piercing blue eyes and an awesome smile. I met him through Neil Plumb. Mareen, Neil’s wife, is the one who informed me yesterday of his passing on facebook. She posted a bunch of old pics and there was one with him in it. Memories!!

    You did a beautiful job with this blog and the video. You guys were so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful friendship. I am sure you will always hold him dear to your heart.

    I know he was a cop here in CC! Did he eventually move and where to??

    I wish I had more words of wisdom!! Life is hard enough and then we have to deal with losing such wonderful people like Joe. I hope your doing well. Peace, joy and love.

    Jody Campbell

  19. I first moved to Corpus in August of 1990. My friends and I were out at a place called “Elizabeths” and I was talking to a couple of girls in a booth, the night was looking up for me. All of a sudden this dude does a bar dive across the table behind me ending up laying across the back of my seat with his arm around me hollering “IZZ PARTY TIIIMME!”. That was my intro to Joe Manning. As for memories, I’ll keep’em short.
    Spent the rest of that night in the upper floors of the Radisson, or whatever it was, across the street drinking it up with CLEAT (Coalition of Law Enforcement Agencies of Texas). I remember management knocking on the door telling us we’d have to hold it down or they would have to call the police. Joe said “Go ahead..oh wait. WE’RE ALREADY HERE!”…the guy left.

    A couple of times I went on a ride-a-long with him while he was on duty. He really loved to travel up and down SPID pulling in behind speeding cars (at night of course when you could see the lights of their radar detectors) he would then light’em up, just to see the lights on the detector go from green to red in an instant. What followed was full of brake lights, swiveling heads and generic panic in the car in front of us while Joe calmly pulled up beside them to wave and move on.

    Bobarubas. I wish I could remember everything that come out of that place but typically neither of us were in a remembering state. I do remember deciding that I was the most sober and should drive home. We loaded up into Joe’s white Bronco and started off. With me being almost 6’4″ and Joe down around 5’9” or so, the seats weren’t where they needed to be and Joe started giving me crap about being tall. His feet couldn’t reach the floorboard in the passenger seat. When he bent down to unlock it and move it forward I slammed on the brakes causing him to go forward into the dash. That set him off, he was getting out. Where was he going to go? We were cruising down Weber with traffic so I didn’t think anything of it. The next time I looked over HE WAS GONE! I looked in the back – not there, then I heard knock on the window. Joe had climbed out his window and on top of the cab and was looking back at me through the front windscreen. Didn’t take but a second and we had a cop car in front of us, one behind us and one beside us all with the lights going. When the search light hit Joe two of the cars drove away, Joe climbed back in and we got an escort back to my house. The only thing Joe ever said was “I’ll never hear the end of this at work” (shit eatin grin).

    Partying hard until 2am only to go back to his place or mine to call my girlfriend (now my wife) and pass the phone around for an hour. She’d finally kick us off because she had to go to work in a couple of hours.
    Went to see “Terminator 2” while she was in town. It was her, by buddy Vince, Joe and myself. This was just after Joe had join the motorcycle patrol. When the new terminator took on the persona of the motorcycle cop there were three astonished faces setting up staring at Joe. My God, they looked almost like twins! He just shrunk down in his seat grinned and said “Don’t mess with the Po-leese”

    He came to my “tie cutting”, it’s a ceremony that marks a student Naval Aviator’s first solo flight. He was wearing some multicolored parachute pants that immediately caught the panels attention. He was fined $5 but after they asked who he was and what he did they ended up suspending the fine and GIVING him $5 and his own pitcher of beer.

    There are many others. His family took me in and treated me as one of their own. Momma looked after me, fed me and would always take time to talk when I shopped on base. I was fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving at his sisters that same year. Joe was the main reason that I returned to Corpus as a flight instructor. He played with my boys, took me in while I looked for a house and took me out on the town one last time before I left. Shooting pool out back of Bobaruba’s (I forget the name of the place), eating at Harvey’s Barn Door, watching Tyson bite the ear off of Holyfield at his house, jet skiing.

    The last time I spoke to him I was in San Antone and we just ran out of time, couldn’t make a hook up happen. I’ll always regret not making that trip.

    Coming up on a year and I still can’t believe he’s gone, I was so looking forward to moving back to the States so I could road trip to see my bud. Travis, you’ve done the man justice and you tore me up with this blog and the video. I don’t know if you remember me or not but, even though it’s obvious, I’ll tell you that Joe loved you brother. If you weren’t around there was always a Travis story to be told.

    Joe is and will always be missed. He is as much a part of my family as my own brothers. Selfishness makes me want him back but while he rarely showed it I know he struggled with who he was. I wish him eternal peace and know that when my time comes he’ll be waiting with a beer, a grin and welcome or better yet the typical “Bout damn time!”

  20. Miss you Joe… We still talk about you all the time at 1 Stop, and we can still feel your presence at the store… It’s been close to 2 years since you worked for us, and we still have items on the wall that were written by you. We just can’t bring ourselves to take them down… Miss you so much my friend!! I love you Mr. Manning!

  21. I honestly still can’t believe that Joe is really gone,..ran into Joel a few months ago & found out,what a shame!I first met Joe when I worked @ Bobaruba’s and we quickly became close friends,toooo many stories!lots of laughter,Jager:),and Crown!!!he will be missed,..Travis,very nice job, to u,Curtis,JoAnne,Joel,Nat,and everyone, and many fond memories,..

  22. just wanted to wish Joe a very happy birthday!!!just wish he could be here to celebrate it!!!I LOVE YOU TOO MANY,JOE!!!!!

  23. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Even though we cannot bring our wonderful and utterly fantastic friend back, let’s all keep him close in our hearts today as we do everyday. I know you are with God, Joe, and are now happy and cured of your horrible illness. If I could bring you back, I would in a heartbeat. My heart is sad because I miss you very much. It is also very happy because you have touched it in a very, very special way, for which I thank you for. I cannot wait to see you again!!! Love forever, your “baby girl”…..


  24. I’d like to 1st apologize for the BELATED birthday wish to Joe!!(I do know when his b-day is!!)..I wanted to share another “Joe Manning story”…for Joe’s b-day one year,we all planned a surprise party for him that began at Spanky’s…Jin & I got him a cake at HEB,which we decorated with a “childs toy policeman kit” type thing…a badge,billy club,hand cuffs,the works!!Marc Harrod lured Joe in with a “casual game of pool”…where we were waiting with lots of silly string!We ended the night at Pepper’s!I remember 1 of the girls who gave Joe a lap dance asked me,since I was sitting next to him,”do you mind if I give your boyfriend/husband a dance?”!!!what a night!!LOL:)Needless to say,we were all f—ed up as a baseball bat that night!!!love & miss u always Joe!!!

  25. I knew Joe briefly while he lived in Phoenix, AZ. We worked together at Assurity Financial Services selling Home Mortgages. He was assigned as my trainer and we became fast friends right away. We use to make jokes about the people calling in to Refi their Mortgages and would fall to floor laughing at each others jokes. I lost track of Joe after I left the company but touched base with him while he at 1 Stop. Even though time had passed it was like we had seen each other yesterday. He always had a smile on his face and had a joke to tell ya! You will be missed my friend. Even thinking of you now puts a smile on my face!

  26. Joe,

    You have been on my mind ALL day today. I do not know, or understand why. I really miss you my friend… More then words can describe…

  27. Wow I am in shock, I have been trying to get a hold of Joe for about 3 months now and I can’t. I met Joe back in July 2002 in San Antonio. I had just moved there from Monterey, California. He had just come back from flying to Las Vegas to pick up a brand new Nissan Z and drove it back to San Antonio. We were meeting to do the roommate interview and he is doing doughnuts in the parking lot in his new car…thanks to the rain… He say get in…it’s fun and we proceed to tool around the city a a pretty good clip and slide around as much as possible. We were only roommates for about 6 months because I needed to move closer to work at Lackland AFB. We had a blast at D&B’s; man was he addicted to playing games there and headed down to CC numerous times to visit his mom; he needed some of her tortillas. Shortly thereafter I moved to the Nashville area for a few years and lost contact with him shortly after the move. I most recently returned from living in Seoul, S. Korea for the last 3 years and now live near Atlanta but was planning a trip to Texas this Christmas an wanted to pay him a visit. Joe…I am sorry we never got to reconnect but I hope you are in a better place.

  28. Oh God – I have been searching for Joe on & off for years – I finally found him. Joe and I were so close our Freshamn-Junior years at Carroll, then I started screwing up my life and left him behind. Joe and I spent hundreds of late night hours on the phone discussing our troubles. We were both in our own ways messed up and hurting and that brought us close. It’s funny when I look back – we rarely talked to each other at school or in public. I did not know his other friends, and he was my only friend. Our relationship was sad and private. I finally got my act together, got clean & sober in 2000 and worked out all those horrific childhood issues. From the pictures, it looks like Joe did not get that chance. So, here I sit on a Saturday morning, almost two years late and 30 years since I saw him, totally broken hearted over the death of that boy who held me together for 3 years. Joey, thank you for your friendship and love. I never got to tell you, but I loved you so much I named my 2nd son after you. Rest in peace my friend.

  29. Dear Debbie, I feel most privileged to have the access to your comment, and blog, in Joe’s behalf.
    Oh we never know the course over time. That is really more than any of us have the right to. It is only our higher power that can steer the way. As you have presented, though, we always do and make our very best as we pass over the course and eventually find our way. All of the best, Chuck Hughes.

  30. Can’t believe another year’s gone by,Joe! Time just seems to fly by…Just wanted to say that you’re loved and missed more than you could begin to imagine by sooooooo many people!!! I love you too many!!!

  31. Miss this wonderful force of a soul!! Knew his Mom 15 years before I ever even met him. Really sucks when people don’t know how much they’re loved. Miss hanging out with you Joe. RIP. Thanks for looking out for us buddy. 😢💜

  32. Well done Mareen and Blydawg; my sentaments are equal!
    Indeed, I truly miss both Joe and his Mothert, Anabel. Please keep me on the list to continue hearing the many comments. Thank you! Chuck Hughes sends.

  33. Could it really be Joe? We never had that reunion you talked so much about when we were stationed at Ft Bragg. I never got to meet the people that starred in so many of your stories from back home. It’s been over 30 years since I last saw that smile or heard that infectious laugh. It’s been 8 years since you passed and I hadn’t a clue because I didn’t think anything could silence your joy for living each day to its fullest. Trying to find you on the internet after all this time led me here, but not for the joyous reunion as I had hoped, rather to mourn for the passing of a friend that can never be replaced. God Bless you Joe Manning.

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